Inauguration Of Electric Vehicle Palki At BIDA Bhaban In Agargaon Of The Capital

On Monday (6 March 2023), Prime Minister’s Adviser on Private Industries and Investments Salman F Rahman inaugurated the locally produced electric automobile Palki at BIDA Bhaban in the capital Dhaka. For all car details please visit Car Price in BD page.

Inauguration Of Electric Vehicle Palki At BIDA Bhaban In Agargaon Of The Capital

Mostafa Al Mumin, the owner of Palki Motors, recently shared that the company has developed a four-seater automobile. The car is built using a domestically manufactured body and frame with spare parts imported from China and Taiwan.

This vehicle, depending on its type, can be bought for TK 5 to 7 lakh and the car can go 150 km on a charge of two hours. Furthermore, Mr. Salman F. Rahman mentioned that the government is providing various incentives for the production of electric vehicles in Bangladesh.

He stressed that electric cars are very significant in the overall context and the duty on these cars has already been reduced in the fiscal plan. He also commented that it would be a big achievement if we can manufacture electric cars in the country.

Many individuals want to own a car for effortless commuting. But because of the price of the car not everyone can buy a car. Especially among the middle class, many people are hindered from buying a car due to the price of the car. But domestic company Palki Motors Limited has come forward to make this dream a reality. They have created an automobile that can be bought for just 5 lakhs.

This four-seater car runs on electricity, making it an eco-friendly vehicle. On a single charge, you can travel up to 150 km. It has four models available: City Boy Basic, City Boy LFP, City Boy LFP Plus, and Carryboy Basic LFP.

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