Energypac Remarkable Presence At The Global JAC Day 2023 Festival

JAC Motors recently commemorated its 59th anniversary with a remarkable event held in Hefei, China, known as “JAC Day.” The celebration, which was truly grand in its own right, embraced the theme of “Be Borderless,” attracting stakeholders, partners, and brand custodians from around the world.

Energypac Remarkable Presence At The Global JAC Day 2023 Festival

Among the attendees were representatives from Energypac, a prominent company based in Bangladesh, who witnessed this momentous occasion, as announced in a press release. for all car brands follow our Car Price in BD page.

During the festivities, Xiang Xingchu, the chairman of JAC Motors, conveyed his vision for the future and unveiled the company’s plans for the upcoming years. He emphasized the collective journey ahead, affirming the commitment to collaborate with millions of users worldwide to not only improve lives but also contribute to building a better world. Xingchu’s words echoed the idea that by leveraging its capabilities, JAC Motors can create infinite possibilities.

Remaining true to its legacy of innovation, this globally recognized Chinese automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer has extended its operations to Bangladesh through a strategic partnership with Energypac. In Bangladesh, Energypac has established a state-of-the-art industrial park in Gazipur where JAC vehicles are assembled.

With an annual production capacity of 300 units, this facility symbolizes the creation of 300 stories of progress each year. Furthermore, the integration of world-class technological advancements has facilitated the upskilling of local engineers and technicians, empowering them with enhanced expertise.

Humayun Rashid, the managing director and CEO of Energypac Power Generation Limited, expressed his confidence in JAC Motors’ ability to reshape the automobile industry through its pioneering spirit and commitment to technological advancements. He acknowledged JAC Motors’ track record in innovation and development of new technologies and believed that the company’s dedication to the future of transportation would revolutionize the automotive landscape.

JAC Motors’ 59th-anniversary celebration, “JAC Day,” marked a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With the theme “Be Borderless,” the event showcased its global reach and commitment to collaboration. The partnership between JAC Motors and Energypac in Bangladesh exemplifies their dedication to innovation and progress, fueling the growth of the automobile industry and shaping the future of transportation.

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