Dhaka Welcomes Its First Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The inaugural electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the nation was successfully established in the Tejgaon region of the capital city yesterday. This pioneering project is spearheaded by Audi Bangladesh distributor Progress Motors Imports Limited. You can check all Audi cars in our Audi Car Price in Bangladesh page.

Dhaka Welcomes Its First Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The newly installed charging station is conveniently located next to their office near the Nabisco area. The venture has also unveiled an ambitious blueprint to construct an additional 11 charging stations by the year 2024. The station’s official inauguration was graced by the presence of the Senior Secretary of the Power Division, Md Habibur Rahman.

Md Hasib Uddin, the Director of Finance at Progress Motors, elaborated that these charging points are designed to provide a full charge to an electric vehicle within a mere span of 20-30 minutes. He further emphasized that a single full charge can empower a car to journey up to 500 kilometres.

This makes Bangladesh an optimal environment for EVs, given that the majority of routes are within the 500km range, rendering a single charge sufficient for the purpose. For all car brands follow our Car Price in BD page.

To facilitate accessibility and convenience, the “Ekhon Charge” mobile application has been introduced, enabling users to seamlessly make payments and reserve charging slots. The event was presided over by Bikash Dewan, the Executive Director of DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company).

Monira Sultana, the chairperson of the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority, highlighted the need for a comprehensive strategy concerning the approximately 5.7 million private cars in the country. This strategy should encompass measures to phase out, dispose of, or retrofit these vehicles.

The establishment of regulatory frameworks addressing these aspects is deemed imperative. Presently, the government has registered 34 electric vehicles, with this number steadily on the rise.

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