Car Price In Bangladesh (September, 2023) – [১০০% আসল মূল্য ও বিস্তারিত]

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Buying a car in Bangladesh

Which car suits your budget?

Some of the cars you can buy for 10 lakhs are ones that are popular in Bangladesh like Toyotas like the Aqua, Corolla, and X Corolla, as well as Probox cars.

Which is the popular car color in Bangladesh?

In terms of color, there are three common shades of vehicles in Bangladesh: White, Silver, and Pearl. During the dry and winter season, cars tend to get lots of dust on their exteriors. So this help to reduce the dust visibilty and look decent even in all environment.

Which brand should I choose?

Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer that is headquartered in Japan.
It is a car that can be seen on almost every road in Bangladesh.
Toyota can provide the only car that satisfies people’s needs in Bangladesh, so Toyota is undoubtedly the best car brand in Bangladesh.

Which country’s cars are usually available in Bangladesh?

Japanese reconditioned or used cars are the most popular in Bangladesh because they are very durable and can be used for a long time. However, new cars imported from India are also on the mark. Bangla Car, a car manufactured in Bangladesh, is the first car in Bangladesh to come in 8 colors.

What are the advantages of Hybrids?

Hybrid cars can go 25-30 Km with 1 liter of oil. These hybrid cars have two engines. They are powered by batteries and an oil engine. The batteries are charged during the operation of the engine.

What is the car import government Tax for Bangladesh?

Cars are difficult to import to Bangladesh. First, the amount of money needed to legally import a car is too big for the average Bangladeshi. Then, there is a high tax rate before a local person can legally own a vehicle. Lastly, the roads around towns are too rough for the average Bangladeshi to drive on. Despite all this, the government wants to increase the number of vehicles on their roads; but so many obstacles are in the way.

Car Import Govt. Tax in Bangladesh

Vehicle Engine CC From – To
Car Engine cc 0 – 1000 91%
Car Engine cc 1001 – 1500 130%
Car Engine cc 1501 – 2000 215%
Car Engine cc 2001 – 2750 370%
Car Engine cc 2751 – 4000 602%
Microbus importing tax in BD
Microbus Engine cc 0 – 1800 130%
Microbus Engine cc 1801 – 2000 153%
Hybrid Car importing tax in BD
Hybrid Car Engine cc 0- 2500 153%
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