An Upgraded Version Of The 2021 Honda Vezel

The 2021 Honda Vezel gets a sophisticated upgrade. Its enhancements make it even more desirable among automobile enthusiasts. You can check all Honda cars in our Honda Car Price in Bangladesh or for all car brands follow our Car Price in BD page.

An Upgraded Version Of The 2021 Honda Vezel

Designed for the enhanced driving experience. Boasting state-of-the-art technology and outstanding performance capabilities, this model is perfect for those looking for reliability in a vehicle. With the best features, Honda Vezel promises a satisfying ride.

In recent times, Honda Vezel has been growing tremendously in Bangladesh. It has become the crossover vehicle of choice for many families, with people of all ages finding it ideal for their needs.

Throughout its existence, Vezel has experienced tremendous success in Bangladesh and is much loved by many devoted fans – yet, it was time for a revamp.

Honda Vezel boasts of cutting-edge technology, providing a safe and quiet driving experience, a stylish exterior design, a luxuriously appointed interior environment, and a powerful performance.

The latest iteration of the Vezel is equipped with a state-of-the-art E: HEV hybrid system. Boasting a 1.5L engine and two electric motors, this model offers improved fuel economy; The manufacturer says it can achieve an average of up to 25 km/l.

You have a choice of three driving modes with the E: HEV: Normal, Sport, and Econ. So, if you are looking for an efficient ride, then this new Vezel will be the ideal option for you.


The Vezel has been redesigned to give it a more attractive look. This automobile offers the power of an SUV with a modern style that will turn heads. Inside and out, it exudes charm and magnetism.

The front of the 2021 Honda Vezel is truly impressive, with its grille blending seamlessly with the car’s color scheme to create a cohesive look.

The rear of the new Vezel is much more aerodynamic than its predecessor. Slim taillights draw attention to its sleek aesthetic, eliminating extra features.

Honda has ensured that the tailgate handle is at an easily accessible level, thus facilitating the handling of items in and out of the vehicle. The Vezel is built with attention to detail, offering a convenience not usually found in vehicles that have undergone rigorous design renovations.


The Honda Vezel 2021 has undergone an interior overhaul to ensure optimum comfort for all on board. The interior of this car is designed to give passengers a sense of spaciousness, even in confined spaces. It offers a tidy cabin and a clear view from the driver’s seat, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness.

The HMI concept is at the heart of Vezel’s sophisticated cabin design. During your drive, you can appreciate the considerable refinement of the HMI. The dashboard and audio controls are strategically placed, allowing for an unrestricted view of the road ahead.

At its center is an infotainment panel compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, boasting a nine-inch display. To add to the interior luxury, one can opt for a dual-zone climate control system that features easy-to-use knobs inspired by the latest Civic models that let you easily adjust the temperature settings.

The layout of all controls and buttons provides convenient access that optimizes safe and efficient driving without obstructing the driver’s vision or traffic flow.

Safety Features:

It is equipped with various protective components that guarantee safety. The latest Vegel iteration offers a variety of safety technologies, such as six airbags, an anti-collision system, lane assist, lane keep assist, automated emergency braking, ABS with its EBD counterpart, and hill-start assist. Honda has equipped this car with reliable safety features tailored for the mid-range market.


This current year model offers excellent fuel economy and excellent ground clearance, making it the perfect escape car outside of Dhaka. It is available in six attractive shades and is priced at a little over TK 45 lakh.

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