6th Chittagong Motor Fest Is Going To Be Held In The Month Of October

The forthcoming occurrence of the 6th edition of the Chittagong Motor Fest 2023 is earmarked for the month of October, promising it’s unfolding within the bustling cityscape of Chittagong, situated gracefully in the heart of Bangladesh.

The 6th Chittagong Motor Fest Is Going To Be Held In The Month Of October

This annual extravaganza, now eagerly anticipated as a well-established tradition, attracts a large number of motor enthusiasts from all corners of the country and even beyond its borders. For all car brands follow our Car Price in BD page.

With an exhilarating combination of high-energy displays, captivating competition and an exhibition highlighting the latest advancements in automotive technology, the festival exuberantly honours the spirit of enthusiasm and groundbreaking innovation prevalent within the realm of the automobile.

Scheduled to be unveiled at the prestigious GEC Convention Center in Chittagong, the 6th Chittagong Motor Fest 2023 graces the calendar from October 19 to 21, 2023. However, Chittagong Motor Fest is significantly more than an exhibition dedicated to cars and motorcycles; It serves as a delightful reminder of Bangladesh’s thriving motorsport culture.

This event effectively provides a stirring platform for both local and international manufacturers, passionate enthusiasts and automobile clubs to come together harmoniously and proudly showcase their unwavering passion for all aspects of the automotive world.

Beginning with a grand exhibition that prominently featured new models from an array of renowned car and motorcycle manufacturers, event attendees were afforded the unique opportunity to witness the grand unveiling of innovative models and prototypes, thus bearing their prized aspects. The potential landscape of the automotive industry.

In addition, Motor Fest unveils themed displays that eloquently pay homage to a wide variety of eras in automotive history. Devotees of classic cars were indulged with a visually captivating spectacle showcasing vintage automobiles, each meticulously revitalized to recapture its former grandeur.

Meanwhile, the motorbike exhibition meticulously charts the two-wheeler’s astonishing evolutionary trajectory over the years, artistically displaying everything from retro cruisers to cutting-edge superbikes.

Undoubtedly, the 6th Chittagong Motor Fest 2023 will leave an indelible impression on active participants and enthusiastic participants. From the resonant symphony of engines and gravity-defying stunts that left tire marks to echoing environmentally conscious initiatives, the event will triumphantly shine a light on the dynamic and surprisingly diverse universe of the automobile.

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